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Last week, we exhibited for our first time at the 2nd connect:ID Conference and Expo. The show, while quite small, was very well focused from an attendee perspective, and was a gathering of the who’s who in the field of biometrics. Alongside us, exhibitors included CrossMatch, HID Global, Gemalto, Qualcomm and BIO-key.


The show kicked off to a great start with our COO, Bob Stewart, delivering a thought-provoking Lightning Talk on the death of the password. Bob’s presentation set the pace for the rest of the show as attendees made a point to stop at the Sonavation booth to follow up with him and the team to see what Sonavation is doing to do away with passwords and secure the digital world.


As usual, the Sonavation booth turned heads with our Star Wars-like 3D fingerprint fly through. Some attendees even told us we should win a “Best in Show” award for our setup. We showcased our new line of IDKEY products, set to begin shipping in the coming weeks, giving demos of FIDO U2F, HID SEOS, and the multitude of M Series features, and even hinted at a future generation of IDKEY. Attendees were also thoroughly impressed with our proof-of-concept touch sensor, set to release 2H 2015.


Over the two days there were a number of great conversations with Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies like the DoD and DHS, all interested in learning more about our sensor technology. We had analyst Alan Goode of analyst firm Goode Intelligence stop by to meet the team and follow up on previous conversations with Bob Stewart. It was also great to see some of the other powerhouses in biometrics drop by to talk collaboration and working together to improve security across all verticals.

This year’s show was a tremendous success, and we can’t wait to come back. See you at connect:ID 2016!


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