Bob Stewart Responds to New Google Login Process

Last week, Google rolled out a new login process that hints at further changes to promote more secure authentication. Sonavation COO, Bob Stewart, gave his thoughts on the news shared by TechCrunch:

“It would appear that Google is paving the road for FIDO UAF. That said, my sense is that this goes beyond that and encompasses a desire to provide the end user with a higher degree of confidence that their login hasn’t been spoofed in its entirety. You’ll notice that the system is asking for an identifier and then returning with an image of the user, this image is something that the user would likely recognize before entering a password and by doing so lessen the threat vector of a login page spoof from a email phishing scam. Kudos to Google for recognizing the inherent frailties of typical challenge response based authentication. We look forward to driving the future with our IDKEY biometric security key for Google which is available on Amazon today!”

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