Sonavation’s CTO Rainer Schmitt Receives Top Honors From the IEEE for Breakthroughs in Ultrasound Security Authentication Technologies

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PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL–(Marketwired – Jun 2, 2015) – Sonavation, a pioneer in ultrasound biometric technology for digital authentication security, today announced that CTO Rainer Schmitt is the honored recipient of the prestigious 2015 CQR Chairman’s Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) Technical Committee on Communications Quality & Reliability (CQR) during the 2015 International CQR Workshop, held at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina.

Schmitt’s award is a direct result of his historic breakthroughs in the application of ultrasound technologies to ultra-high security authentication in cyberspace, as well as exemplifying the spirit of scientific discovery and innovation in the application of bio-medical engineering insights to the cybersecurity discipline.

The CQR Chairman’s Award is presented annually at the International CQR Workshop. Recipients of the award are selected based on sustained contributions in the field of quality, reliability and security of communication services, networks or systems; a demonstration of the core value of a professional society; and integrity consistent with that of a role model. Previous recipients include executives from Verizon, AT&T, the US Federal Reserve Board, and the European Commission Unit on Internet and Information Security.

Schmitt commented: “It is an incredible honor to win such a prestigious award from an organization like the IEEE. As a lifelong member, to be acknowledged by my peers for my work is a truly humbling experience.”

Karl Weintz, CEO of Sonavation, also commented: “Rainer is a real asset to the team in helping us develop industry leading biometric sensors utilizing ultrasound technology. To see him recognized for this work, along with his previous contributions to the field, is thrilling for all of us at Sonavation.”

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About CTO Rainer Schmitt
Rainer M Schmitt, PhD in Physics, started work on ultrasound transducers in 1970. After an 8 year stint (’73-’81) in physiology and nuclear medicine, he turned to ultrasound CT as a researcher in the Department of Radiology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In 1984 he was approached by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft of Germany (FhG) to lead the FhG medical ultrasound department. During his 18 years of FhG-affiliation he accomplished several advanced applications in ultrasound, such as: long term cerebral monitoring of premature neonates, 3D limb volume estimation, long term 3D arterial plaque monitoring, micro-bubble sizing of contrast agents with ultrasound, catheter-based ultrasound guided artero-rectomy, and the development of 4 generations of phased array ultrasound research platforms.

In 1996 he became the Executive Director of the Fraunhofer Technology Center in Hialeah, Florida (FTeCH), where he was approached in ’99 by the optical fingerprint device company Crossmatch Technology for the development of ultrasound-based fingerprint sensors for mobile applications. Joining Crossmatch in 2002 as Chief Scientist and subsequently Sonavation in 2006 as CTO, he was instrumental in developing the physical foundations for Sonavation’s current line of ultrasound biometric sensors.

About Sonavation
The Sonavation product line is designed to provide secure authentication and protection for digital and physical environments for consumers and businesses. Solutions include both embedded and stand-alone device offerings designed to protect physical access as well as online systems, including: eCommerce, financial services, health data and other sensitive applications.

Sonavation designs and manufactures the industry’s leading ultrasound biometric sensors. Its 3D surface scan and sub-surface technology is protected by 41 awarded patents plus over 70 additional patents filed, making it the world’s smallest low-power ultrasound sensor. Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Sonavation is committed to “Empowering Trust, Delivering Peace of Mind.”


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