The LastPass Hack and What They’re Doing Right

On June15th LastPass announced that they experienced a data breach, while this sounds bad (and it is), it’s not a reason to panic.

In recent memory we have witnessed data breaches that have compromised raw credit card numbers which results in an immediate potential for fraud. This is inevitable when credit card numbers are multi-use and stored in the cloud. However, LastPass is a security company that has followed best practices in both security and cryptography which means that a single intrusion does not expose their customer data. So while this data breach is certainly an inconvenience, (LastPass suggests that users change their master password) LastPass has claimed that no actual secure user data has been compromised.

LastPass should be commended for creating a secure infrastructure that does not rely on “our network can’t be compromised” and instead has designed a secure, resilient service offering. Any company that stores sensitive data should follow the same best practices. At Sonavation, our customers’ data protection is our highest concern which is why, not only do we follow best practices, we go a step further.  With our IDKEY M Biometric Security Key and Password Manager,  our users’ encrypted passwords are stored locally, off the grid, to ensure the highest level of security.  That is our mission – empowering trust, delivering peace of mind.

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