Sonavation Bring Your Children to Work Day

Sonavation supports children’s education in technology, hosting our annual Bring Your Children to Work Day. On May 26th, 2015, Sonavation held it’s annual Bring Your Children to Work Day. The kids got to experience the day-to-day activities that take place at Sonavation HQ and get a look at the great work their Mom or Dad … [Read more…]

Bob Stewart Responds to New Google Login Process

Last week, Google rolled out a new login process that hints at further changes to promote more secure authentication. Sonavation COO, Bob Stewart, gave his thoughts on the news shared by TechCrunch: “It would appear that Google is paving the road for FIDO UAF. That said, my sense is that this goes beyond that and … [Read more…]

FIDO Alliance Keynote at RSA 2015

Were you able to catch the FIDO Alliance Keynote at RSA Conference 2015? If not, you’re in luck. Follow the link to listen in and see what the future holds for FIDO and the death of the password. FIDO Alliance 2015 RSA Conference


Last week, we exhibited for our first time at the 2nd connect:ID Conference and Expo. The show, while quite small, was very well focused from an attendee perspective, and was a gathering of the who’s who in the field of biometrics. Alongside us, exhibitors included CrossMatch, HID Global, Gemalto, Qualcomm and BIO-key. The show kicked off … [Read more…]