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Research and Markets – Global Automotive Biometric Vehicle Access System Market 2016 – 2020 with BioEnable, Techshino, Miaxis, Nymi & Sonavation Dominating

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DUBLIN, July 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Global Automotive Biometric Vehicle Access System Market 2016-2020″report to their offering.

The global automotive biometric vehicle access system market to grow at a CAGR of 19.55% during the period 2016-2020.

The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global automotive biometric vehicle access system market 2016-2020. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from sale of biometric vehicle access systems at OEM level.

Biometrics include methods to execute measurements based on human biology. Such technologies work to identify physical parameters, such as voice, fingerprint or palm print, iris structure, and typing rhythm. The automotive industry has explored biometric technologies over the past few years in a bid to enhance the functionality and security aspects of automobiles. Typically, the application of biometric technologies in the automotive domain includes vehicle access, ignition permissions, anti-theft systems, and on-board communication programs.

Increasing adoption of automatic vehicle identification system in transit junctions will be a noteworthy trend in this market. Threats from organized crime and the increasing number of mass scale terrorist threats encouraged governments and law enforcement agencies across the world to implement advanced automatic vehicle identification (AVI) systems that not only identify the vehicle but also the credentials of the driver.

According to the report, one driver spurring growth in this market is the presence of vulnerabilities in existing keyless entry system. Traditionally, vehicles were equipped with conventional mechanical keys to lock or unlock vehicle doors. The advent of electronic keyless entry systems changed the situation drastically because vehicle access is now linked to electromagnetic frequency and communication wavelengths. The adoption of keyless entry systems drastically reduced vehicle thefts.

Further, the report states that rising cost pressures on OEMs will hamper market growth during the forecast period. Automotive OEMs face humongous cost pressures due to dynamic regulations that govern several components within a vehicle. Stringent emission norms, the need for heavy investments in R&D programs, market competition, and evolving customer demands add to rising cost pressures. Biometric technologies remain in nascent stages (with respect to the automotive industry) and therefore, expensive, for OEMs that want to offer such technologies in entry-level vehicle segments.

Key vendors

– BioEnable
– Techshino
– Miaxis
– Nymi
– Sonavation




Ultrasound Fingerprint Imaging Through OLED/Glass Protective Cover Press Release:

Sonavation Announces Fingerprint Imaging Through

Smart Phone OLED Display


PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL – February 22, 2016 — Sonavation, the pioneer in ultrasound biometric technology, today announces its breakthrough capability of ultrasound biometric fingerprint imaging through OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays that are being designed for the next generation of smartphones, tablets, wearables and devices.


This visionary breakthrough is an industry first and critically important as OLED displays are quickly gaining widespread adoption. According to the OLED Association, shipments of smartphones with OLED are expected to grow to 461MM in 2019, which is almost double 2015 shipments. This is highlighted by Apple’s recent announcement of switching from LCD to OLED displays for their future smart devices.


This technology will allow smart device manufacturers to effectively increase the usable size of their displays by 10-20 percent by eliminating the need for a separate inactive area on the device to accommodate a fingerprint sensor. This is especially important as it is estimated that by 2020, all smart devices will utilize biometric technology, with fingerprint recognition being the primary method. Sonavation’s 3D biometric ultrasound technology will be the only fingerprint authentication solution capable of this level of complex imaging through the full stack display.


“Our team at Sonavation has engineered a module that wouldn’t have been thought possible and far exceeds the capabilities of anything incorporated into mobile devices today,” said Karl Weintz, CEO of Sonavation. “This moonshot project is sure to have a substantial bearing on the mobile device industry, as it is set to change and improve industrial design of smart devices by expanding the active screen display, while making them both physically and digitally more secure.”


This ground-breaking technological advancement extends Sonavation’s SonicTouch portfolio and provides manufacturers flexibility in design while delivering the highest level of biometric security and a more dynamic user experience.

About Sonavation

Sonavation designs and manufactures the industry’s leading ultrasound biometric fingerprint sensors.  Its 3D surface scan and sub-surface technology is protected by 42 awarded patents and an additional 47 patents filed. The Sonavation portfolio of solutions are designed to provide secure authentication for protected access to online systems including: e-Commerce, financial services, health data and other sensitive applications.  Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Sonavation is committed to “Empowering Trust, Delivering Peace of Mind.” For more information, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn or visit us at


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Touch Sensor Under Glass Coverage

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